I guide entrepreneurs & executives to restore vibrant energy & refreshing sleep + get calm, focused, empowered & relaxed

Tegan Jenna Health is an accredited & experienced Clinical Naturopath,  Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Facilitator & Coach leading entrepreneurs and executives out of burnout and into abundant energy. 

Are you very stressed out? I provide safe & effective natural anxiety support and insomnia remedies, and help you to get relief from stress associated symptoms including fatigue, burnout, brain fog, IBS, pain, skin conditions, weight gain & difficulty losing weight plus much more.

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Free Bundle - Calm Yourself

I've packaged up my best free content for you to easily access all in one place. So if you are feeling tired, drained, frazzled, irritated and heavy and want to shift into feeling calm, empowered and relaxed, this is for you.

Is stress ruining your life?

Are things snowballing and you just cannot figure out how to feel better no matter how many things you try? Are you suffering with all kinds of other stress related symptoms and side effects such as insomnia, fatigue, tummy issues, weight gain or loss, anxiety? How long have you been struggling for? Weeks? Months? Years? It's time to wave the white flag and reach out for help. You need a tailored plan that guides you on exactly what to do to get out of being stuck in the stress response - and I can show you how.

"Honestly, I have had such an amazing experience with Tegan. Not only has she tried to dive deep into what’s going on with my body, but she actually sits & listens & takes it all in! She is supportive 100% through the duration of each visit. I would recommend her if you are wanting to find answers to your health. An amazing person in general, she is guaranteed to make your day."

Laura H
Hi there, I'm Tegan Jenna —

I guide entrepreneurs & executives to transform burnout to radiance

Invite me to create a personalised transformation just for you (please note I am GMT+10). 

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Activate Radiance

If you are ready to step forward into radiant health with me as your guide, find out more & apply below. I do not offer single appointments, I only lead transformations. 

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New Mini Courses Coming Soon...

I'm currently in the creation phase of a series of bite sized mini courses for femme entrepreneurs & executives who are on the edge of burnout, desiring to restore calm & relaxation so they can ignite abundant energy. 

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"Tegan! She has been one of the most genuine, supportive, caring health practitioners I have ever seen. Also the longest I have stuck around with, her warm, understanding and empathetic nature makes you feel valued, seen and understood wherever you are at in your journey. Not only has she helped me incredibly with her Naturopathy skills but also her natural Life coaching skills, hypnotherapy sessions and now incredible breath work sessions too. I owe a lot of my transformation and growth over the last couple of months to Tegan and I’m grateful for her presence in my life. She’s a natural leader and see’s your highest potential and gently guides you there through her foresight and knowledge. Thank you Tegan for everything and I’m excited to continue my process of evolution and growth with you. Here’s to living our best lives and being our best selves xx."

Bree E